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Ludwig Jelonek - Natu.Care Editor

Ludwig Jelonek

Natu.Care Editor
Ludwik Jelonek is the author of more than 2,500 texts published on leading portals. His content has found its way into services such as Ostrovit and Kobieta Onet. At Natu.Care, Ludwik educates people in the most important area of life - health.

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His weakness for the written word became apparent while he was still at school. But passion quickly turned into work - today he is the author of more than two thousand texts published on leading portals. His content has found its way into such websites as Ostrovit, Kobieta Onet, kb, Motoklub, Zwierzaki and others. After several years of writing on a variety of topics and self-educating, he decided that supporting readers on a key topic - health - is what I want to do for the long term.



Ludwig is a student of English Philology at the School of Linguistics. His learning path was determined by his desire to use proven English-language sources when writing texts in health topics and his love of writing widely. Additionally, he thrives on workshops and specialist literature, which he then translates for readers into accessible language.



I want to fight misinformation in the most important aspect of life, which is health. I believe there is a lack of articles on the web that are backed by scientific research. Content verified by doctors, pharmacists and nutritionists is also a rarity. I intend to change this and start educating people on health topics.

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At Natu.Care, we believe that the secret to a long life is physical and mental balance. We put purity of mind on par with health of the body.