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Nina Wawryszuk

Natu.Care Editor
Nina Wawryszuk specialises in sports supplementation, strength training and psychosomatics. On a daily basis, in addition to writing articles for Natu.Care, as a personal trainer she helps athletes improve their performance through training, diet and supplementation.

Major information

  • Continues to deepen his knowledge in psychosomatics, body shaping and supplementation. She trains at the Sports Training Centre and the Science Workshop, among other places.
  • She is also a member of the Sports Training Centre.
  • He lifts weights, runs and does MTB routes on a daily basis.
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  • In several years of practice in strength sports, she has tested many training methods and nutritional strategies.
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  • Author of the book "Omega acids. Everything you need to know" (Lubimyczytać.pl, Google Books)



Nina impressively demonstrates how a passion for different sports can be harmoniously combined with a desire to develop and understand the mind of the athlete. As part of her academic work, she has conducted several hundred in-depth interviews - this has taught her the art of valuable conversation and flexibility to each interviewee. She is constantly evolving in the topics of bodybuilding, strength training and sports supplementation. She writes a blog where she analyses the latest scientific research.



Nina is a graduate in Criminology at the University of Warsaw. Her thesis was cited in the Blue Line, among others. An interesting field of study led to an interest in the influence of the psyche on the body - and vice versa. She is constantly developing herself through specialised literature, workshops and trainings.



I would like the content I create for Natu.Care to make a real impact on readers. If, out of a hundred of my texts, someone, influenced by one, changes their eating habits, learns to pay attention to the composition of dietary supplements or persuades their parents to have a blood test - that is a huge success for me.

The mission of Natu.Care is to make a difference.

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